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 Some Basic Guild Bank Rules (Subject to Change)

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Some Basic Guild Bank Rules (Subject to Change) Empty
PostSubject: Some Basic Guild Bank Rules (Subject to Change)   Some Basic Guild Bank Rules (Subject to Change) EmptyApril 3rd 2010, 5:17 pm

1. Please do not put gray colored items in guild bank they are junk just vendor sell them.

2. Items in guild bank are for use by guild members ONLY. There will be no drawing out of items for you to use on an Alt unless that Alt is also in the guild.

3. Guild bank items are not to be sold on AH period this is not open to discussion. If items need to be sold because of bank filling up then that will be decided by the Guild Leader/Assistant Guild Leaders. Any items sold this way will have the profit from the sale deposited into guild bank.

4. Donations of money and items can be made by anyone at any time.

5. Recipes should be put on the correct tab.

6. The guild bank will not buy you your mount. Mounts are your responsibility. If you need help getting the money most times the higher levels don't have a problem helping with loot runs through instances to help you raise the money but this is at the individuals discretion.

7. Guild Bank items are not there to be disenchanted. If bank becomes full the Guild Leader/Assistant Guild Leaders will decide on whether to sell or disenchant items. Any monies or materials gotten from sale or DE of items will be place back into guild bank.

8. Guild Bank log are periodically checked for any abuse. If any abuse is found the person or persons involved will be given an opportunity to explain. If it is determined by Guild Leader/Assistant Guild Leaders that items were misused then guilty person will be given the opportunity to make thing right by either returning the item to the guild bank or making a donation of the value of the item to the guild bank. If in a reasonable amount of time things are not made right (normally 24 hours but this will be determined on a case by case basis) then do not be surprised to find that you are no longer welcome in this guild. Items in the bank were donated freely by your fellow guildmate in the hopes that someone in the guild could use them they should be used in that same spirit.
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Some Basic Guild Bank Rules (Subject to Change)
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